What our clients are saying!


“Miami Neat’s Virginia Brown possesses that golden combination of organization and creativity”

Nancy Z


“I found myself overwhelmed and frustrated with a disorganized and messy office. I contacted Virginia and she helped me with reorganization. She was very knowledgable and professional and with her help, I was able to get my office in working order.”

Thank you, Virginia.


“I hired Virginia to help me organize my kitchen and laundry room areas. She was terrific! After a few minutes it was clear she knew exactly what needed to be done to get me organized! With her guidance, we tossed out and put away! She made it very easy for me to find and get to the things I needed. A year later I am happy to say both my rooms are looking good!”



“Having an organized and efficient working environment is important for both an employee and the customer. I had the opportunity to hire Virginia to work with a colleague to organize her work environment to be clean and ordered, which meant more efficient and less stressed. Recognizing what is important versus what one thinks is important is part of the process. Having someone talk with you about how you work and what your needs are to be efficient in that work space is helpful and I strongly endorse the work of Virginia and Miami Neat. If you want to see what Miami Neat looks like, check out her garage for starters!!”

Sheryl Piper
Miami Country Day School


“I called Virginia to help me organize some rooms of my house. She came over and saw the whole picture of what I wanted. She did room by room in several hours. Now I know where everything is located in a logical way. I will call her again for my future projects: Garage and closets.”

Thanks Virginia for your help.
Carmen Vivas


“Virginia helped me to organize my move and was extremely helpful. She knows exactly where to put things”.



“I can’t say enough good things about Virginia. She is talented, smart, SUPER organized, caring, efficient, always on time and has great ideas. I highly recommend her”.

Stephanie Rosen