Working with Virginia was a wonderful experience.

“Working with Virginia was a wonderful experience.
She is professional and efficient, and always arrived to my “project” ( downsizing a large storage unit ) in a very organized manner.
Often I find it difficult to declutter, as many items have a sentimental value, and Virginia was extremely helpful to me in this regard.
I would highly recommend her Miami Neat services”

I sincerely don’t think I could have done it without her!!!!

“18 months ago my husband Jerry and I moved to Miami from Connecticut.Lucky  for us we found Virginia Brown and Miami Neat. In a matter of 3-4 days  we were able to put our 2 &1/2 bedroom apartment together. The kitchen, baths, and closets were done very professionally and my anxiety about such a big move started to dissipate. My many thanks to Virginia for the help. I sincerely don’t think I could have done it without her!!!!
Sincerely, Rosaline Levine”

Less is more!

Downsizing closets and rooms are quite tedious to do, you toss out lots of old memories but can keep a few.
Going through stuff is tiring and a chore but as you finish, you want to do more
Virginia, thank you for all you did for me now when I move, “less is more” will make me most  happy!
SL 3/2020

“Working with Virginia was a pleasure”

Working with Virgina was a pleasure and fun at the same time.
Most important is that she knows what she is doing and will completely satisfy you in getting things organized and help you clean out what is not needed.
Money well spent.
I will recommend her always!

You handle their collectibles and stuff in a compassionate way

Miami cleaning

Thank you Miami Neat!

Virginia and Miami Neat are the perfect solution to getting a room situated, organized or unpacked. After moving and downsizing, my kitchen was a challenge to set up. Virginia was able to get the job done and my kitchen now has a better flow to it, is better organized and easier to navigate. You don’t realize you need the help until you get it and see how much it makes a difference. I will be using Miami Neat again and will be recommending them often!
take care and will be in touch –

So thankful for sweet and motivated clients!

Hi Virgina! Thank you so much for coming by and helping me/us! I was so happy with the outcome. I honestly thought I wasn’t going to be able to do it and just “let go”. We all can breath better & Sandro and Sofia have spent everyday watching TV or playing board games in the living room. Thank you for the tips; we are definitely going to take them. The gang is on board to help Mommy. I have recommended you to my boss who enjoued listening to my experience and is in dire need of help with his garage in the gables. Thanks again Virginia….. we appreciate you!

– Gisselle

Thank you Virginia!

Thank you so much for helping me today you really are brilliant at this!

– Nell

Marvelous and Cathartic Experience

Marvelous and Cathartic Experience

As a mother of two I am constantly throwing things out. The goody bags from parties, Halloween candy, the stuff kids get at Chucky Cheese, the prizes they win at holiday parties, or the three minute art projects that they completed in under a minute. It all goes to trash and doesn’t even enter their rooms. I don’t sweat the easy stuff. I have no problems throwing things out. Perhaps you are like me. You think you are pretty good and a spring clean once a year is enough. Well at least that’s what I thought before…
Virgina came to help me with my closet and the kids closet. At least that’s how it started. I thought it would be helpful to have an impartial party come and assist me in clearing out my closet. It ended with a place that I love coming home to.
Now everything in the house has a place. I know where everything is and I can find it under 30 seconds. It’s easily accessible and not hidden behind a pile of stuff. I got rid of massive boxes of stuff. I learned what it means when people say “less is more”. Now my children have their books organized in categories. My daughter was delighted each time Virgina came over because she knew that this would benefit her too. She could get to her games find her books/homework toys because everything has its place. My husband would always ask how much did you donate today (with a smile)? Eager to see the progress.
Virgina offers solutions to your organizational problems.
I no longer have books screwdrivers and nail clippers all over the house. Now they are all together in one place.
I can’t stress enough what a marvelous and cathartic experience my journey with Virgina has been. My medicine cabinet is amazing. When I need something I know what I have and I can find it fast. Even my canned goods are organized. Virgina works efficiently in assisting you to declutter without making you feel bad for the silly things that you really hold onto. She is sensitive to the clients needs and has a lot of patience. She is also a wonderful person, great to talk to. Working with Virgina methodically through the house didn’t feel like work it felt comfortable and easy.
If your moving, remodeling, making room for a new baby or just trying to find an empty drawer in your life I recommend you try Virgina.
She has inspired me to be more organized, to answer my texts in a timely manner and to have an email box with zero unread emails.
Enjoy your journey with Virgina.

Thank you for everything that you have done for me.

– Angelica

I can’t say enough good things

“I can’t say enough good things about Virginia. She is talented, smart, SUPER organized, caring, efficient, always on time and has great ideas. I highly recommend her”.

– Stephanie Rosen

Extremely helpful

“Virginia helped me to organize my move and was extremely helpful. She knows exactly where to put things”.

– Marilyn

I will call again

“I called Virginia to help me organize some rooms of my house. She came over and saw the whole picture of what I wanted. She did room by room in several hours. Now I know where everything is located in a logical way. I will call her again for my future projects: Garage and closets.”

Thanks Virginia for your help.”

– Carmen Vivas

I strongly endorse

“Having an organized and efficient working environment is important for both an employee and the customer. I had the opportunity to hire Virginia to work with a colleague to organize her work environment to be clean and ordered, which meant more efficient and less stressed. Recognizing what is important versus what one thinks is important is part of the process. Having someone talk with you about how you work and what your needs are to be efficient in that work space is helpful and I strongly endorse the work of Virginia and Miami Neat. If you want to see what Miami Neat looks like, check out her garage for starters!!”

– Sheryl Piper – Miami Country Day School


“I hired Virginia to help me organize my kitchen and laundry room areas. She was terrific! After a few minutes it was clear she knew exactly what needed to be done to get me organized! With her guidance, we tossed out and put away! She made it very easy for me to find and get to the things I needed. A year later I am happy to say both my rooms are looking good!”

– Kathy

Very knowledgeable

“I found myself overwhelmed and frustrated with a disorganized and messy office. I contacted Virginia and she helped me with reorganization. She was very knowledgeable and professional and with her help, I was able to get my office in working order.”

– Thank you, Virginia Minette

Tips of the Month!

A great solution for storing items dust-free with great visibility in a tight challenging small closet, but get the cat out first!


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Professional Organizer



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