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Mind Games

Emotional Clutter

I recently attended a National Association of Professional Organizers conference and the speaker really got in my head when he mentioned “cognitive distortions.”

Professional Organization Services, Cleaning, Organize, Deep Clean This means our mind convinces us of something that isn’t really true. These thoughts are usually used to reinforce negative thinking.

How many times do you have self doubt and compare yourself to others without knowing what they are carrying around with them???????

Yes this is brain trash, rubbish and junk! Why do we hold onto emotional clutter?

Clarity is seeing things as they are. Isn’t this what we all want to truly see?

It’s pretty common to go with our feelings instead of facts and this is where the distortion comes into play. The speaker Scott Greenberg made reference to The Giving Tree book. I am sure at some point everyone has read this. Professional Organization Services, Cleaning, Organize, Deep Clean

The main premise is to have gratitude or in other words, want what you’ve got.

In order to ignore and clear out the mind trash, we have to focus on something bigger than ourselves. Face your fears and go for the action anyway. This will lead us into making connections. No matter what you do for a living this will put you in a better place. You won’t be worried about yourself. Facts and confidence will replace the rubbish.

This is when you can exist in a peaceful space both inside and out.

Practicing mindfulness or a brief 5 minutes of meditating everyday would be great too.

Spring cleaning isn’t just physically cleaning your home, but that’s a great start!

Spring is here!

I don’t know if everyone feels this way but, once the season ends and it’s time to put away your heavier clothes, I like to take a look at what didn’t leave the closet much at all. In Florida it certainly isn’t a big change, but there are long pants, sweaters, boots, sweat shirts, slippers etc to put up high or pack up till next fall.

Professional Organization Services, Cleaning, Organize, Deep Clean The seemingly universal rule of “80% of what we have we don’t use” can be applied here. Definitely give away the non classic and unused pieces because it’s going to be winter elsewhere and someone can use these clothes.

It’s time to evaluate the condition of clothing as well. You just have to ask yourself some questions. Am I going to wear this the next cold season? Why didn’t I wear it this season? Are these clothes a realistic size for me now? Thin out and let it go.

Next, for the rest of the house walk around and check out things that need attention. ie. duvet covers, pillows, curtains, rugs, outside furniture, bbq, bikes, yard and plants.

You may need Allegra D to breathe through all the pollen blowing around.

Happy Spring and contact us here if you would like to schedule a consultation!

Tip of the Month!

Keep out what you are currently using in all categories food, toiletry supplies etc and store unopened back up separately to avoid opening multiples of the same thing.